I’m rock_bul the ex. champion of the world of HMM3.

I’m rock_bul the ex. champion of the world of HMM3.

I’m rock_bul the ex. champion of the world of HMM3.

I offer you to make money online with 2 app. for Android, 10 pay to click (PTC), 6 faucets and 8 bonus sites. These sites will not waste your time because they have modern understanding of networking, with working maintenance and adequate help if needed, with no hidden rules. They pay in short terms and don't enforce you to invest money if you do not want to! It took me half year to understand that there is all sorts of sites - some change their rules in time, others stay loyal to their customers. I have limited myself to those below. They all take me about half hour per day! I "play" since 2018.
Just open this links by your phone or tablet and download this app. They are very good and every tuesday automatically money go directly to your wallet
01. heedyou

Very nice site, with lovely interface! Here Taks/Walls like MinuteStaff, ClixWall, PTC Wall and etc. – you earn 90% more than other sites (you can click this outside tasks only once per unic IP). Use surf bonus ads, they are unlimited and you often get a prize! And admin is a dude!

01. FaucetCrypto

Amazing site. Instant payments and withdrawals EVERY DAY!!! Faucet every 40 min. and ads

01. CryptoTab

If you want digging – this is the best way from your PC, because whatever how many % you pick, when you need your resource and launch some, cryptotab is with low priority and leave your processor free for your purpose. Depends from the computer I use it all the time between 70-90% and use my computer just fine.

02. qoinad

Lovely site with very good earnings! Good tasks and ads for satoshi. Active admin. Strongly recommend to register here!

02. Litecoinads

2 faucets, one every 1h and 1 UNLIMITED with NO TIMER... + dayly ads & many other stuff... you can withdraw every day (look on No8 in BONUS)

02. CoinBase

Wallet and Buy/Sell Cryptos for/with Euros. When you sign up and buy or sell $100 of bitcoin or more, we both earn $10 of free bitcoin! From this place you can take your money in your bank account or paypal.

03. CoinPayU

Nice site for satoshi, you have surf, ads and videos here. PayOut on 10k.

03. FreeBitco.in

I give you back 25% from my commission every sunday! Claim bitcoins every 1 hour, keep your money for INTEREST, play low/hi if you want and use your bonus wisely!

03. Skrill

Skrill is something like PayPal

04. 1xbtc

Similar as site 3, serf and dayly ads for satoshi

04. Free Horizen (ZEN)

Claim every 20h directly to your wallet.

04. Free Grosh

Free Grosh Tokens, no registration needed, only with your ETH wallet... and you can put your page for reddirect if you want and you can change it any time you want!

05. CoinBulb

Similar as site 4, with daily bonus and surf. And if you visit this bonus every day you will be UPGRADED user for 10 days next month.

05. Free ZEC & PIVX

Its like No4 once on 20h you can clain, but 2 types of cryptos in your wallet directly!

05. Payeer

Payeer is something like PayPal.

06. CashTravel

I recommend you start here with lowest upgrade for a year (10$). You will have extra ads and points to promote your sites/ref.links every month or just stay free/standart member. Take a look on site 4 from BONUS - you can earn EXTRA when you promote your link

06. Free ZEC (Zcash)

Claim every 24h directly to your wallet

06. CoinPayments

Wallet for all cryptos and stock exchange for them. Many of these sites use exactly this one for payments and etc.

07. ComicalClicks

Similar as 6 - low price for year update(3$). I strongly recommend to upgrade yourself! Like in site 6 you have every mounth points to promote your referal link in any site you want + extra ads of course... look on GROSH...


07. MarketAgent

Fill in your profile and answer questionnaires targeting you for money reward. They inform you by mail about any new poll!

08. WhereTheMoneyGrows

Similar as 6 and 7 (same owner 7+8) - low price for year update(3$). I strongly recommend to upgrade yourself! Like in site 6+7 you have every mounth points to promote your referal link in any site you want + extra ads... look on GROSH...


08. FaucetPay

This is a microwallet + PTC + more...

09. ojooo

One of the biggest and oldest! You can manage it from their app. Play on GRID and other walls/tasks.



10. BTCclicks

Good ads for bitcoins, here is almost impossible to rent a referrals :/ guess why ? For this site have many app including from themselves!



If you like some of them - just click on the banner and a new window (tab) will open (click register/sign up and enjoy). For all FAUCETs there are a very good app for Android OS! You can be a free user anywhere, but if you want really meaningful money - see where I recommend you to be a VIP! I can help anyone who needs help, no matter of the subject! In other words do not hesitate to ask. But keep in mind that if you are not the most patient, this way of extra income is not for you... If you can't see the point of this - please ask me to clear/show it for you or this is not your business at all...

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last update: Oct 2020
If you want more, there a several. I have my reason to be less active in it, but they pay and all is okay