I’m rock_bul the ex. champion of the world of HMM3.

I’m rock_bul the ex. champion of the world of HMM3.

I’m rock_bul the ex. champion of the world of HMM3.

I offer you to make money online with 6 pay to click (PTC), 6 faucets, 6 bonus sites and 2 app. for Android. These sites will not waste your time because they have modern understanding of networking, with working maintenance and adequate help if needed, with no hidden rules. They pay in short terms and don't enforce you to invest money if you do not want to! It took me half year to understand that there is all sorts of sites - some change their rules in time, others stay loyal to their customers. I have limited myself to those below. They all take me about half hour per day! I "play" since 2018.
01. CashTravel

It makes a lot of sense if you are upgraded here! In addition to the additional income that pays you back the entire investment and above ... you also receive points every month to promote your links. You can buy referrals. Extremely meaningful site and you can earn quite well or just collect a penny as a free user. Good admin!

01. FaucetCrypto

Apart from being a faucet, it is also a PTC! Amazing site. Instant payments and withdrawals EVERY DAY!!! Faucet every 40 min. and ads§shortlinks

01. CryptoTab

If you want digging – this is the best way from your PC, because whatever how many % you pick, when you need your resource and launch some, cryptotab is with low priority and leave your processor free for your purpose. Depends from the computer I use it all the time on 70% and use my computer just fine.

02. FaucetPay

This, in addition to being a PTC site, is also a micro-wallet and many other things. You can bet on different games (like hi/lo) and what not ... There are good bonuses and various extras. I think it is mandatory to have an account here. Good support!

02. CoinPayU

Very good site with well-functioning support! You earn BTC, but you can deposit in many other different currencies. You can buy referrals and any other extras. Revenues are good!

02. HideOutTV

They pay you to watch videos. I use for a partner site from PTC section = HeedYou.

03. ojooo

This is the king of PTC! You can manage it from their app.

03. FreeBitco.in

This is the KING! I give you back 25% from my commission every sunday! Claim bitcoins every 1 hour, keep your money for INTEREST, play low/hi if you want and use your bonus wisely!

03. Surfe.be

Very good site&plugIN - good income if you are active member and they pay fast - you earn while you surfing and if you want more - watch sites&videos...

04. heedyou

Unique interface and unique site for promoting your links. This is the most meaningful site in this regard. You can bring a few cents separately :). The admin is great!

04. Free Horizen (ZEN)

Claim every 20h directly to your wallet.

04. CoinBase

Wallet and Buy/Sell Cryptos for/with Euros. When you sign up and buy or sell $100 of bitcoin or more, we both earn $10 of free bitcoin! From this place you can take your money in your bank account or paypal.,

05. ComicalClicks

New but promising (this one and the one below). For me and here the upgrade is mandatory (not that you can not be a free user) - cheap upgrades !!! Lots of points to promote :)

05. Free ZEC & DOGE

Its like No4 once on 24h you can claim, but 3 types of cryptos in your wallet directly!

05. Payeer

Payeer is something like PayPal.

06. WhereTheMoneyGrows

New but promising (this and the above). For me and here the upgrade is mandatory (not that you can not be a free user) - cheap upgrades !!! EVEN MORE PROMOTION POINTS :)

06. Free ZEC (Zcash)

Claim every 24h directly to your wallet

06. Guarda

Best Crypto Wallet With Very Good Support.

If you like some of them - just click on the banner and a new window (tab) will open (click register/sign up and enjoy). You can be a free user anywhere, but if you want really meaningful money - see where I recommend you to be a VIP! I can help anyone who needs help, no matter of the subject! In other words do not hesitate to ask. But keep in mind that if you are not the most patient, this way of extra income is not for you... If you can't see the point of this - please ask me to clear/show it for you or this is not your business at all...

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last update: Jan 2022
Just open this links by your phone or tablet and download this app. They are very good and every tuesday automatically money go directly to your wallet
Here are a few more sites if all of the above don't seal your time well. They pay, but they are not my priority like the above. Feel free to register and do not worry about what you have earned here!